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Web Design involves designing the graphic interface of a site, the data that make up the site's content such as images, text, files and other elements. When a user enters your website for the first time, design is the most important factor. For this reason, the design of your website must be attractive and modern.

A website must have personality and respond to needs. The Graphic Design of your website must capture the attention of users and aim for concrete and effective results. Your website, having a unique and sustainable identity, will help you position your business in the top and offer a unique experience to users.

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Why do you need Web Design?

In such a competitive market, an effective website is extremely important. Web Design isn't just about appearance and color, but also user experience, usability and many other elements that can influence the actions of users when they enter your website.

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First Impression

Your website is the first impression potential customers use to determine your value.

This service is for you and your business if you want a modern website, adapted for any type of device and responsive, well structured and easy to navigate.

Your company values

The most important component in today's business world that you use to announce news, from company offers to exciting updates and special promotions.

Your website represents your company's brand and values. A sloppy and unwelcoming website would give the impression that you could care less about consumers and their money.

Incredible Websites

Magnetif is THE AGENCY that knows how to create incredible websites. From logos to landing pages and everything in between, web design and web development experts will work hand in hand to create a website that is sure to be the talk of your industry and set you apart from the competition.


Developing a user experience that allows consumers to receive the type of value and content they are looking for is very important. This ensures that the site and its content attract new visitors who keep coming back.


Whether you're looking for website creation, UI/UX, HTML, CSS development, blog design, RSS integration, social media integration, content development, website maintenance, the team at Magnetif has all the right skills to get the job done .


Why is Web Design

A proper website should consider everything from web page layout, content production to graphic design. Too often web design companies don't consider the direction and feel their clients are after, resulting in a very general and broad web identity. This is the last thing a company should be doing when trying to become the number one supplier in their industry. Let's meet!

A great website consists of an assortment of important aspects that should never be missed. Attractive titles that tell the visitor what the site has to offer. Headings, short descriptions of the activity. Primary calls to action, the goals of CTAs are to persuade the user to want to navigate the site in more detail. The images are meant to be convincing.

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