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Magnetif offers professional PPC promotion services through Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram Ads. SEM – Search Engine Marketing – PPC Campaigns or Pay per Click Campaigns are a paid advertising performance marketing method through the Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms. Promotion through PPC campaigns is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs who want immediate results. With the help of SEM campaigns, you bring relevant traffic to the site with a high chance of sales. The segmentation provided by these platforms allows the creation of personalized campaigns based on interests, age, geolocation, behavior, device, browser, etc.

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The stages of a PPC (Performance Marketing) campaign

Depending on the stage of purchase your target audience is in, we welcome them with the following types of

performance marketing campaigns







How do you choose the right


promotion channel?

Unlike seo optimization, ppc campaigns have instant results. We provide PPC services to start-ups and small and medium businesses.
We look forward to sharing the medium and long term strategy of your business goals.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is the most used type of pay-per-click advertising. Ads within Google Ads campaigns are created based on keywords in the field of the promoted business. It will be paid every time an ad or banner is clicked, we do not pay when it is displayed.

Through this channel, we can have ppc search campaigns, display campaigns, remarketing campaigns, Youtube Ads campaigns, Shopping Ads campaigns.

We identify key phrases relevant to your business and establish a structure for their placement within the site to achieve organic visibility.

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Facebook Ads

By promoting Facebook Ads of an online store or a Facebook page, we can target your products or services according to users' interests, gender, age, area, etc.

Depending on your goals, we can run the following types of campaigns: Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation, Conversions, etc.

We determine the main competitors, analyze their search engine placement strategy and identify opportunities for differentiation.

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Instagram Ads

Since Instagram is a visual platform, the main method of communication is through images and less through text. Facebook Ads Manager is the platform where the campaigns will be created, and depending on the objectives, we can have Instagram promotion, visibility, consideration and conversion campaigns.

We check that the site or page is working and optimized according to Google's rules and we identify the potential for growth in organic results.

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LinkedIn Ads

This channel is extremely effective for B2B ppc promotion. The advantages of an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, in terms of audience, are precise targeting and updating of profile data.

Depending on the business objectives, we can target according to job title, job seniority, industry, company, number of employees and many other details.

We check that the site or page is working and optimized according to Google's rules and we identify the potential for growth in organic results.

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TikTok Ads

If you want to increase the popularity of a brand, you need TikTok Ads quickly. TikTok has the largest growth ever for a social media platform, and access to the TikTok Business Center is for agencies only.

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